The Antiquarian April 28, 2021

Secrets Revealed

One of the bankbooks was for the bank I was standing in, but the other was for a bank in New Orleans. Why the hell would my grandmother have a bank account some 1,700 miles from home? I opened both books and nearly fell to the floor. Even with just a quick scan, I could tell that there were more zeros than I’d ever seen in my life.

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Viking Warrior April 25, 2021


“Let me handle that. You look a fright and will do better just to stay away. Pack a bag, get in your car and go where the road takes you. Explore your new home. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things are going here. But don’t you be worrying. You know I can handle things.”

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Rougarou April 24, 2021

Sign Here On the Dotted Line

“I gave you power in exchange for loyalty. You will finally get the revenge you desperately crave and that this world would not give you.” I paused, leaning forward, so my cheek barely grazes hers. “And when you take it, remember the one who gave it to you.”

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The Thief April 21, 2021

Mrs. Vasquez

I watched as the neighborhood woke up. There were elderly people walking their dogs, middle-aged blonde women jogging, and businessmen grabbing their newspapers as they got into their cars to go to work. You know, the boring shit.

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Inside the Circle

From here, I can see the living and the dead. To be honest with you, they all look the same to me, and it doesn’t matter much who’s who or what’s what. I’ve been around for a while, and the space between memories being made and memories being recalled blends together. I simply come here to wait and listen for her voice.

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Ocean Protector April 18, 2021

Ghosts From the Past, Part II

I gasped, waking from the dream, and looked around. Cecelia’s ghost stood nearby, and I wanted to run to her. “You avenged me, and yet, you have not.”

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The Mad Oracle April 17, 2021

Ten of Swords

I sit up with a jolt, scaring the two EMTs who are riding in the ambulance with me. I tear at the cannula in my nose, glaring at them. “Take me to Tulane Emergency. There’s something there I need to speak to.”
I promptly pass out.

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Bouda April 15, 2021

Hookup with a Hyena

“911! I need Animal Control here right away! There’s a—a wild animal in my bedroom!” I can hear the guy shout into the phone in the other room.
Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, I groan. I take in a deep breath, my large chest expanding as I try to focus on shifting back.

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Viking Warrior April 13, 2021

Routines and Daydreams

The bloodlust coursed through me as I charged towards the building where the sniper was perched, not caring if I had coverage or not. My entire platoon had just been picked off by that bastard. One. By. One. He needed to be snuffed out for good. I neared the top floor on rickety stairs, my rage reaching berserker level when I saw him sitting there, perched on the windowsill. He was as comfortable as could be in the chaos.

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The Antiquarian April 12, 2021

Whispers of the Past

The darkened room came alive in vivid colors. I had a hard time focusing on any one thing, but within moments, I could see things that shouldn’t be there. I looked back at the photograph of my grandparents and felt myself pulled into a vision. I saw an old storefront. In the window, I saw the words Whispers of the Past. I could smell salt air and moss, and I could hear the sounds of trumpets in the distance.

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