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General Overview

The Fae are creatures of pure magic, the original race of Fae were born directly from the Source. Those original Fae eventually faded into legend, becoming the Gods of Ireland and taking their place in the myths and religious faiths of the mortal world. In their place came more imperfect Fae, more grounded in power and scope.

This new breed mated with mortals and birthed several hybrid species, less powerful but just as wild and chaotic as their progenitors.

THE SIDHE (/Shee/) The original Fae, the Gods of Ireland who no longer maintain a physical presence on Earth. They had several tribes but the major two were the Tuatha Dé Danann, the good gods who attended nature and the affairs of men, and the Fomor who were monstrous and misshapen gods from the depths of the sea. They were known to be evil and brought nothing but disease and death.

Some of the more notable Sidhe were:

  • Danu: Mother Goddess and Supreme Deity
  • Dagda: Earth father, god of Life and Magic
  • The Morrigan: Dark Queen, Triple Goddess of War and Death
  • Balor: Ruler of the Fomor, One-Eyed God of Evil
  • Brigid: Goddess of Inspiration, Fire and the Forge
  • Bres: An evil hybrid of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Fomor, former King of the Gods
  • Aengus: God of Love and Beauty
  • Nuada: A young King of the Gods (after vanquishing Bres), a hunter and a fisherman
  • Áine: Goddess of the Sun and Summer
  • Manannán mac Lir: God of the Sea and ruler of the Celtic Afterlife
  • Lugh: Trickster God of Light and Luck
  • Ériu: Personification of Ireland itself.
  • Dian Cecht: God of Healing


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Fae will live forever unless killed. However, a Fae, no matter what type, can be wounded severely with iron.

Sorcery. Sorcery is a natural talent to Fae, as writing or sports would be to humanity, other common abilities are:

  • Probability Manipulation
  • Elemental Control
  • Telepathy/Mind Control
  • Life Generation
  • Invisibility/Cloaking
  • Healing
  • Enhanced Physical Prowess
  • Shape Shifting
  • Immortality
  • Emotional Manipulation
  • Interdimensional Travel/Sight
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Animal Control
  • Reality Warping
  • Astral Projection/Remote Viewing
  • Supernatural Senses
  • As well as the ability to bestow these powers on others.

One of their only known common weaknesses is Cast Iron. Armaments made of Iron are able to harm them as they would any mortal creature.

All the Sidhe, Tuatha Dé Danann and Fomor alike, let their grip on this world dissipate and faded into legend with the Gods of Old.

However, there are two types of Faeries that remain in this world:

The Trooping Faeries

What remains of the High Fae, who still exist on Earth. Not as god-like as their forebears, but far beyond the human hybrids they themselves birthed.

A key distinction between the two courts seems to be whether it will take an offense for them to enact mischief on mortals. The Seelie needed to be offended first to act malicious, and the Unseelie needed no reason to do so.

The Seelie Court

The Fae of Spring and Summer. Maintain an aloof if technically benevolent air. In this case however benevolent mainly refers to the fact that they will not actively seek out to cause harm unless provoked rather than any true moral high ground. Ruled with an iron fist by the temperamental King and Queen, they are aristocratic and melodramatic. They live in the light and shun shadows, with rumors that the Queen of the Unseelie Court can see you when you wander into the dark.

  • KING: Oberon
  • QUEEN: Titania
  • ATTENDANT: Robin Goodfellow AKA Puck

The Unseelie Court

The Fae of Autumn and Winter. The faeries of the Unseelie host are far more sinister and need no offense to mete out their ill will. The Court itself is primarily nocturnal, rising with the moon, and has been known to hold sunlight as a weakness rather than simply having a distaste for it. Ruled with an iron fist by Mab who has no king but has taken the younger fae swain Ariel as her consort. She has built her power on fear rather than elitism as the Queen of Air and Darkness.

  • QUEEN: Mab
  • HIGH PRINCE: Ariel
  • ATTENDANT: Belphoebe

The Solitary Faeries

These are the Fae hybrids. The impure who are shunned by the High Fae (both Seelie and Unseelie alike) for being too human. After intermingling with mortals for centuries, several lesser fae breeds were created.


An all female race of fey women, descended from the Morrigan. They are linked to family lines and foretell deaths.


Household spirits, who unlike the majority of faerie folk are kind and helpful to mortals.


Hobgoblins are corrupted Brownies who have gone rabid, so to speak. They begin to torment mortals to the same extreme that they had helped them before.


Gnomes are the Elementals of Earth. They reside in mountains and underground.


A relatively modern variant of fae that "evolved" sometime around WW2. They have power over technology, most often disrupting it but some are able to enhance it as well.


Are powerful hybrids who feed off humanity, be it by worship or fear. They can change shape and become invisible. They can protect you for a price or torment you till you pay.


Some of the most human-like fae, descended from Lugh, associated with luck and treasures.


These are those hybrids that come the closest to the high fae. Act as if they are the next best thing to a true Trooping Fairy but are just as looked down on by them as the other solitaries. Has also become a catch-all name for an unaligned fairy hybrid that doesn't fit into the other groups along with 'sprite'.


Trickster Fae, noted for their shapeshifting abilities. Seen as an "omen".


Violent spirits of murder and mayhem, they resemble dwarves or leprechauns but are notable for their appetite for carnage, their name comes from the blood that stains their clothes.


Reptilian Fae who are the Elementals of Fire.


Tiny faerie race noted for their power of invisibility, they are the Elementals of Air.


Powerful hybrids noted for their size and ability to ensnare victims by mystical "riddles". Suffer a stone-like paralysis from sunlight and thus generally live underground or in caves.


Aquatic fairies who are the Elementals of the Water.