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Amphibious solitary fae species who are considered the "elementals" of water. They can live on land but must return to the water in regular intervals for their health. They (both males and females) are usually conventionally attractive by societal standards (of whatever that standard is at the time of their birth) and have supernaturally lovely singing voices. Their powers are tied to their emotions (as water and emotion are tied magically) and when angry they can sometimes cause shipwrecks and storms at sea.

Not to be confused with mermaids as Undines are one of the few fey races that cannot shapeshift in any way and always look entirely identical to humans (albeit preternaturally attractive ones), even underwater.


  • Physical beauty
  • Enchanted/charming voice
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Breathing underwater
  • Limited weather control


  • Must regularly return to the water for their health
  • Easier for them to lose control of their emotions
  • Are often sought after for their good looks and enchanted voice