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Hobgoblins are corrupted Brownies who have gone rabid, so to speak. They begin to torment mortals to the same extreme that they had helped them before. Often the result of a past experience as a Brownie where their chosen household mistreated or abused them.

Hobgoblins suffer from uncontrollable sadistic mania that causes them to lash out at others, particularly humanity. Like Brownies they chose a household and are active at night after the occupants go to sleep but unlike Brownies they aren't helping but instead tormenting those in their households. They usually begin with the same household whose mistreatment caused them to be a hobgoblin in a first place but once that family has moved or even died they remain a hobgoblin and move on to torment others, it is currently unknown if a hobgoblin even can be transformed back into a brownie or not.


  • Can go "unnoticed" (not true invisibility)
  • Very adept at camouflage and concealing themselves from detection.
  • Produce negative probability fields ("bad luck") for their chosen households.
  • Limited shapeshifting (can be used combatively unlike brownies)


  • Not in control of their violent tendencies.
  • Often self-destructive as they are more focused on hurting others than the repercussions of their actions.
  • In a constant state of trauma.