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An all female race of fey women, descended from the Morrigan. They, like her, are associated with death, war and strife. In particular they are tied to life lines and even more specifically when and where those lifelines end. Harbringers and heralds of death.

Are always women. They mate with males of other species (particularly humanity but not always) and when children are produced a female will always be a banshee and a male will either be entirely the father's species or a "pixie" male.


  • Produces a "Song/Scream" that can cause traumatic psychological injury by causing who hears it to experience a vision of a possible future death (often causing them actual psychosomatic pain that lasts for days and ptsd that lasts much longer)
  • Can attach to family lines/genealogies (may also choose not to) giving them a heightened awareness where that bloodline is concerned.
  • In general can foretell death/sense death coming.
  • Can take the shape of crows at will.
  • Intangibility.
  • Super Strength.
  • Are adept warriors.


  • Give off an uneasy feeling to those they encounter (making social interaction difficult)
  • They often act as a "lightning rod" to misfortune.
  • Rumored that if they attach to a bloodline and that bloodline dies they then may die as well
  • Must steel their own will/emotions as their lives are mired in death and grieving and they can easily fall to the same trauma they create in others.