Skinwalker September 8, 2022


“In Navajo, we hold high regard for friends, almost as much as family,” I explained. “K’é is our version of love. It means harmony and lack of conflict within a relationship.”

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Ocean Protector August 12, 2021

A Cause for All

“Gideon, you are the last person on this rotting earth that knows me, the real me. Selfish as this may sound, I cannot lose you. I would lose my last remaining tie to…well, everything.”

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Ocean Protector February 19, 2021

A Strange Homecoming, Part I

“Good, because that is where the Source is. The magic in this world springs from that location, and I need you to go there. You will find answers to your questions and perhaps a new purpose in your life. Not that the life you are living is not worthwhile, but I know you can be so much more.”

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