The Thief April 21, 2021

Mrs. Vasquez

I watched as the neighborhood woke up. There were elderly people walking their dogs, middle-aged blonde women jogging, and businessmen grabbing their newspapers as they got into their cars to go to work. You know, the boring shit.

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Demon of the Crossroads January 29, 2021

Ms. Bethal’s Sad Last Day

My minions stop their assault and stare at her with dead eyes. She is frozen to the spot, looking at them. She sees Hell in their eyes, and rightfully so, she is bound there. One of the hounds jumps up and pounds the window, barking and snapping its teeth in a spray of hot spit. She screams and stumbles backward. I can’t help but laugh as the hounds and souls resume the barrage upon the house. Eventually, something in the warding slips, cracks, and breaks.

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