The Voodoo Queen July 28, 2020

Bienvenu mon cher

We’ve been waiting for you. Or, more accurately, she has been expecting you. No doubt you wonder how or why you are here. The answer is both deceptively simple and devilishly complex. 

The simplest answer is that she called for you and you came to her as you always have. See? Simple. If that answer suffices then many or all of your memories are restored and there is little more to learn by reading on. Welcome home.

If, however, you are still feeling confusion and discomfort, perhaps what follows will resonate enough to bring forth that forgotten knowledge of who you are and why you are here.

The more complex answer is; she invaded your dreams and forgotten memories of other lifetimes.

A pulse…a quickening…a longing

She is the land; the land and the people are hers. For thousands of years she fed the people and they tended her, honored her.

“NOLA has bestowed on their ancestry a wide array of magickal gifts…but, over the centuries the bloodlines have become polluted…””

It is true that men have fought to their deaths to possess her; others who claimed ownership of her for coin and power. it is said that you do not choose New Orleans, she chooses you. She has beckoned you into her soul.

Time runs differently here – both faster and slower….

Marie Laevau
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