Scavenge Clan

Bouda May 17, 2021

The Search

Time and time again, I get my hopes up, only for them to be dashed. One thing is for sure, they’ve covered their tracks well, which leads me to believe that they don’t want to be found. They’re on the run. The question is from what, or should I say from whom?

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Bouda April 30, 2021

Can’t Drown My Demons

My heart thuds inside my chest, hands shaking as I mop up the spilled alcohol. I squeeze my eyes shut as memories of Scar’s hyena ripping into my brother flash through my head like a movie reel. Shaking like a leaf, I stumble out from behind the bar as his screams fill my ears. Not here. Not now.

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Bouda April 15, 2021

Hookup with a Hyena

“911! I need Animal Control here right away! There’s a—a wild animal in my bedroom!” I can hear the guy shout into the phone in the other room.
Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, I groan. I take in a deep breath, my large chest expanding as I try to focus on shifting back.

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Bouda March 25, 2021

Gotta Stay High

With his hands on my hips and our bodies pressed tight, we move to the thump of the beat. I welcome his touch. Anything to forget. Anything to silence their screams.

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Bouda February 20, 2021

That Bitch

I stumble out and shake out my fur still littered with brambles, before barreling in the direction of the fresh scent. And that’s when I see her. That bitch with my buck! The alpha’s daughter lifts her head, blood dripping from her jowls, and even in her hyena form, I swear she smirks at me.

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