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Also known as Rougarou.


General Overview

The tale gets murky, but if you ask any werewolf, they will tell you the same. A starving family in a local village, destroyed by war, was forced to scavenge for food and shelter every night. Their child fell sick, and with no help nearby, the father turned to an old tale he heard. The story was of a wolf that lived in the wild, deep forests. It was said that the animal had beautiful, snow-white fur, eyes that seemed to pierce the soul, and powers none could possibly possess. In desperation, the man traveled far and wide until he found the beast in question. He hunted the wolf relentlessly until one arrow through the heart ended the gorgeous creature.

The father took the meat back to his family and cooked it. The daughter ate first, then the rest of the family. As if by a miracle, the child started to heal. Even the family felt better, stronger, and their energy returning. Unbeknownst to them, the tales were very much true. The wolf was magic, made from the source of all magic itself, but it would soon become a curse to the family.

Upon the next night, the family gathered around the fire, celebrating their good fortune. The moon, full and bright, reached the top of the sky, and the young girl began to scream. The other members of the family watched on in terror until her sister fell to the ground. She writhed in pain, quickly followed by her brother, mother, and father. The entire family soon resembled the very beast they had hunted and consumed. And so, the first werewolf pack was born.


  • Bitten. Werewolves are created through a bite. The bite must be strong enough to draw blood for the person to change. Bitten werewolves are rare given that most werewolves bite to kill. There are some incidents where werewolves have fallen in love with humans and bite them to be together.
  • Born. Born werewolves or full-blooded werewolves have more power throughout their ranking given that the family has passed down the lineage throughout history. Only full-blooded werewolves have power or the ability to move up within ranks.
  • Human form. Can come in all shapes, sizes, and races. Body temperature is higher than a normal human.
  • Animal form. Wolf but larger than. Nails and teeth are sharper than steel. Their features allowed them to blend in and survive in the modern world. No bite by another supernatural can change or alter species. Is not toxic but does take longer to heal.
  • Alphas. Alphas achieve their rank through their family. I.ë next in heir and so forth. Due to the dwindling numbers in packs throughout the world “blood sports” or fighting for alpha is forbidden. Alphas tend to stay in power until they are too old or die. Alpha ranks are a big deal given they are in charge for so long. Alphas are respected by others and sometimes treated as royalty.
  • Betas. Betas are the members inside the pack. A lot of betas are the family that grew up inside the pack but mostly they are made up of wolves whose families have died or wolves who have left their original pack for other reasons. Betas have ranks among their own depending on their loyalty and work ethics. Most betas prefer to work within the pack and not obtain a higher title where other betas would love to be higher up.
    • Deltas. These are the second in command betas that guard the Alpha.
  • Omega. Omegas are the wolves where their human and wolf side didn’t cohabitate correctly so therefore they are still by blood a werewolf but aren’t as strong or fast and heal much slower. They also cannot turn into a wolf.
  • Lone Wolf/Outcast. Legend has it the lone wolf can’t survive on their own due to needing the stability and protection of the pack. Few remain in the natural world and are usually picked off by other packs due to territory issues.
  • Ferals. Lone wolves due to lack of a pack i.e family/shelter/money etc usually turn feral. Feral is when they feed off of humans only causing the animal side to take over completely. After a certain amount of shifts, they cannot turn back to humans and are more vicious/animalistic. This is where the legends steam in history of werewolf attacks and why werewolves have been hunted for so long. Packs nowadays take care of Ferals; killing them to protect their species/Identity.

Established Packs

  • The Garcia Pack. The Garcia Pack is a werewolf pack that has lived in NOLA since 1860. They have been watching over the southern part of NOLA since then. They consider themselves protectors of NOLA and its inhabitants. They are one of two packs in NOLA but this pack has a good reputation with all supernatural beings living in NOLA. They are ruled by Julian and Yasmin Garcia.
  • The Beaumont Pack. The Beaumont Pack is the newer werewolf pack in NOLA. Their leader Leon recently came into power after his father passed away. He is young and cocky and wants to be the main werewolf pack in NOLA. The family has money since they have their hands in several different businesses. Ruled by Leon Beaumont.


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Werewolves will live up to five hundred years unless killed. Like all were shifters, are vulnerable to silver.

Call of the Wild. The howl of a werewolf is used to signal their pack and or loved ones. Depending on how strong the link is, it sometimes cannot be ignored.

Night Vision. Can see as well at night as they can during the day.

Advanced healing. Heals almost instantly unless wounded by certain mystical items.

Shapeshifting. Outside of NOLA or other magical places they can only transform during the full moon whereas inside NOLA they can transform whenever they see fit.


  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Five senses increased
  • Superhuman Agility/Reflexes


  • Silver
  • Wolfsbane
  • Succumb to the full moon
  • Hungry a lot due to higher metabolism
  • Chocolate