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General Overview/History

Ka’ahupahau was a magician who walked among the first inhabitants of Hawaii. She was born as they say, to a human form, but was able to transform at will into a shark. She devoted her remaining days to protecting people from shark attacks. One of Ka’ahupahau’s children, born a shark, fell in love with a mortal woman. Ka'ahupahau gave her son the ability to walk on land. The children were unique, a few were born with the ability to shift back and forth, from human to shark, on command. They were the first noted were-sharks.

This blessing was passed down from generation to generation. Even from that first generation who did not possess the gene, further descendants did. From there, the population grew and spread out throughout the world. But it is no coincidence, that the were-shark population density seems to be greatest within the temperate/tropical waters.

Clans/Packs/Covens. The “Greats” reign supreme with Great Whites at the top, the kings and queens of the sea, they rule the local wereshark populations. Underneath them are the other “greats”: the Great Hammerhead sharks, Bull sharks, and Mako Sharks.

Physical Description

Were-sharks have no distinguishing features in either form to identify them as “were”. As a shark, they look exactly like others of their species. As a human, they look like your ordinary human, taking traits from their parents.

Magical Abilities/Powers

Can shift into their shark form on command.


Were-sharks are stronger than the average human, but other than that, appear completely human.


Eclipse Shift. During the solar eclipses, all were-sharks return to their watery forms and return to their pupping grounds for the week. This is a way for them to reconnect with their family and their ancestors.