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General Overview

Theodore Winssmith was a selfish, cunning thief back in 13th century Europe. He had a tendency of tricking and stealing from the rich and poor. He was a greedy man who only thought of himself. This led to scuffles in local bars and being kicked out of town one too many times. You would think that would stop dear Theodore, but you would be wrong. Theodore’s wild life would soon come to a halt as a terrible and deadly illness took over Asia, Africa, and Europe.

All the pain and suffering Theodore had caused others left him out on the streets as the Bubonic plague devastated the population. One stormy night, Theodore sat in the same alley he had robbed so many, shaking and coughing, begging anyone who would listen to spare him. However, help did not come from an angel or heavenly sent being. Oh no, aid came in the form of a creature he had been compared to many times. A rat.

At first, Theodore shooed the creature away, thinking it had come to feast upon his dying flesh, but he was wrong. The alleyway soon filled with a thousand tiny screeches as dozens of rats filled the area and overcame poor Theodore. But don’t feel sad for him. Yes, he died that night but was reborn with the source within him and became the first Rat King.

Physical Description

Wererats can be any size, race, or sex. When shapeshifting they tend to be the size of a large dog. Wererats tend to be more aggressive than most would think.


Rat King. The supreme ruler to all wererats. Usually can rule with or without a queen and last as long as they live. Rat Kings usually come into power after one has been assassinated or die by other means.

Packs. Wererats don't necessarily have packs. They answer and pay their “taxes” to the Rat King himself and have protection through that. Wererats tend to mate and stay with their own families or significant others.


  • The Rat King Drake Hierarchy. The Rat King Drake Hierarchy has been around since the 1600s. They arrived in NOLA in 1890 and started breeding, quickly taking over the underground systems. Their members spread throughout the area, both for protection and network. This pack does a lot of trades in the Black Market in NOLA. The Alpha, Bardolph, took over from his father who passed away from a mysterious illness. He has managed to keep the pack together and is considered a good leader. The Rat King is Bardolph Drake and his Alpha Female is Myndill Drake.


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Wererats will live for two hundred years unless killed. Like all were shifters, they are vulnerable to silver.

Can shapeshift at will, not bound by the moon.

Great at stealing.


Can fit in almost any place.


  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Senses intensified
  • Night Vision
  • Agility
  • Shapeshifting


  • Easily distracted
  • Reclusive - Other than their own groups, they tend to stay to themselves.
  • Trust issues