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General Overview

Back in a time when the planet was steeped in magick, when prayers and belief often manifested into reality, a native tribe worshipped the bear spirit. An extreme ice age befell the area, wiping out many of the indigenous people. Regardless of the hardships, the people were strong and held tightly to their faith. Food, shelter, and clothing became scarce fast, and yet they prayed and persevered. One stormy blizzard night, the remaining few families banded together for safety. They huddled around the fire for warmth, the sounds of a large beast crunching through the snow, alerting those within the cave.

A massive bear blocked out the sounds of the storm. It was larger than a grizzly, and its silver eyes glowed with divinity. With no weapons or energy to fight, they simply bowed their heads, expecting the worst. One of the wise old women spoke up praising the beast, and soon the others fell in line praying once more. For their strength and endurance, the bear that was not a bear at all blessed them with magick from the source itself. He bestowed upon them extra strength and abilities to help them survive in their newly inhospitable world. It was on this night that the first Werebear tribe was born.

Physical Description

Werebears can be any size, race, or sex. Werebear males tend to be burlier whereas females are smaller in stance. Regardless of stature, Werebears carry more muscle.


Werebears have a main Alpha, but overall the pack tends to help each other no matter age or rank. They are close pack wise but not as close as wolf packs. Unlike werewolves, they don't need a hierarchy.


  • The Blue Spirit Pack. The Blue Spirit Pack was the first pack of Werebears that arrived in NOLA. In history, the Blue Spirit Pack would work closely with the werewolf pack The Garcia Pack. It was considered a friendly relationship. They own a popular Bar and Grill in NOLA that serves the best gumbo and cuisine. The lower level is where their family and pack members live. Alpha Male & Female are Cedric & Laura Alistair.
  • The Silver Ash Pack. The Silver Ash Pack is a group of misfit werebears who formed together in 1890. The pack traveled different parts of the world before making their home in NOLA in 1985. When they arrived they started to cause a rift between the other werebear pack and the two werewolf packs in NOLA. Their main trouble is with The Garcia wolf pack. The two would often bump heads while in the city. Both packs tend to be hot-headed so conflict among them is normal. Alpha Male & Female are Axel and Hanna Marks.


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Werebears will live for around five hundred years unless killed. Like all were shifters they are vulnerable to attacks with silver.

  • Can shapeshift on will, not bound by the moon
  • They are hard to poison. Given their diet they can withstand almost all herbs.
  • Thicker skin and fur are harder to penetrate


  • Super Strength: In human form, werebears are much stronger than your average human. In their bear shape, they are frightening with their bulk and power. Stronger than a grizzly. They can wreak havoc.
  • Super Speed: You would think with their size they would be slow. It may take a little for them to get going, but once they do, werebears are like a train coming at you.
  • Senses Intensified:
    • Hearing: Werebears have very sensitive hearing, able to pick sounds from long distances. It can also be a weakness. Loud sounds can incapacitate them.
    • Sight: There are rumors that bears do not see well. Contrary to popular belief, werebears have excellent eyesight. They cannot see extraordinarily long distances, but their vision is acute.
    • Scent: Werebears can follow a scent for miles and are able to identify others through their individual scents.
    • Taste: Werebears have refined palates but will make a meal of about anything. A lot seem to really enjoy beer and honey.
    • Touch: They are physically gifted with strength and agility.
  • Night Vision: They have acute night vision, darkness is no impediment.
  • Agility: They move easily through their environment, often unseen and unheard, which is surprising considering their size.
  • Shapeshifting: They have a human and a bear form. The most accomplished can grow their teeth and claws while in human form, but there is no true half-form.


  • Crowds: Werebears are not all introverts by nature, but large crowds do tend to overwhelm their senses. Outside of their packs, they do not tend to enjoy being in the middle of noisy crowds.
  • Loud Noises: Startling a werebear is not a good idea. Their hearing is painfully sensitive and that can be used against them, but be prepared for them to react.
  • Short Temper: They can end up in a berserker rage if they feel backed into a corner. While they are very dangerous in this state, they have also lost all ability to reason, their humanity pushed deep.
  • Silver: Whether blade or bullets, silver will weaken and inhibit their abilities and easily penetrate their thick hides. Making them vulnerable to harm. It will also depress their regeneration abilities.
  • Honey: If you want to trap a werebear, bait it with honey. They find it irresistible.