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Sani is scribed by Tyler Wittkosky.

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Know Your Guide

Height. 5’5”

Weight. 155 lbs

Hair Color. Black, shoulder-length straight

Facial Hair. Clean shaven

Eyes. Green animalistic eyes when in human form, brown human eyes when in animal form.

Distinguishing Features. Deep scar across his right hand.


Parents. Dasan (Dad) , Enola (Mom)

Siblings. Alo (Twin Brother)

Spouse. None

Children. None


Was previously a Navajo healer. He is a wandering Skinwalker that travels the world looking for ways to increase his power and causing trouble


No permanent residence.

Personal Information

General Overview. Sani was born in the 17th century into the Navajo Nation. He was the runt of his tribe and took the brunt of tribe criticism. He was blessed with healing powers and became a powerful healer before turning to black magic in secrecy. Eventually his black magic use attracted the Skinwalkers and an elder approached Sani, offering him the chance to become a Skinwalker in exchange for his twin brother Alo’s life. Sani was hesitant at first, but eventually gave in and murdered him. He left to be with the Skinwalkers for the next two centuries before breaking off on his own in the late 19th century. Since then, he has been roaming the world, searching for ways to become more powerful, practicing different forms of dark magic, and leaving trails of trouble and mayhem.

Nicknames. None. He’s proud of his name Sani.

Likes. Making trouble, power, animals, beer, sex, drugs, Weres.

Dislikes. Humans, music, nicknames, disrespect

Flaws And Weaknesses

Decapitation and Heart Extraction. The easy ways to kill Skinwalkers are to decapitate them or remove their heart.

Silver. Silver burns a Skinwalker's skin and leaves a mark that takes days to heal, even with magic. While it doesn’t kill them directly, a perfectly placed silver through the heart will do the trick.

Anger. When Sani gets angry, he shuts down. He has tunnel vision and is only worried about taking down the ones who wronged him. It causes him to fly off the handle and act recklessly, putting himself at risk at times.

Carelessness. Sani has a careless streak. He embraces danger and is drawn to it, putting himself in harm's way on purpose. He laughs at pain, which typically infuriates attackers more.

Skills And Abilities

Life Force Siphon. Sani has the ability to feed off of the life force of other humans or animals to keep himself alive or heal himself.

Animal Shifting. Skinwalkers are typically found in the form of coyotes, wolves, foxes, cougars, dogs, and bears, but can take the shape of any animal. Sani’s animal of choice is an Owl and as such he has gained heightened hearing and vision, but as a result cannot smell.

Possession. Skinwalkers have the ability to possess living creatures, animals and humans alike, by locking eyes with their target for up to 24 hours. However, with this ability comes the vulnerability of their physical body being frozen in place. With the ability of possession also comes the ability to read their target's minds.

Animal Empathy. He has the ability to understand and communicate with animals on an emotional level to a certain extent. Sani has closer relationships with animals than he does to humans because he sees them as more pure.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Black Jean Vest, black button up shirt, and black jeans.

Alternate Wear. Buckskin jacket and leather leggings

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Bone Blade. Sani has a blade made of the ashes of his brother’s body. It has the ability to cause illness and death to those it strikes.

Introduction Written by Scribe

My name is Sani, the most feared Skinwalker in all of the land. Some people have described me as chaotic and a psychopath, and honestly I’m proud of that. I want nothing more than to cause death and destruction wherever I go, I want to leave a trail of bodies behind me.

Until I became a Skinwalker, I was bullied by the members of my tribe, including my own father. I used the hate and anger that built up within me to embrace the darkness. As one of the tribe’s best healers, I was in tune with magick. I embraced it, fed off of it, and used it to make myself stronger.

When the day came for me to be a Skinwalker, I completed my task with pride. What was that task you say? What could possibly be so evil that it causes someone to lose their sanity and any semblance of light they may have? Well, I guess you’ll have to follow my story to find out.