Sabine LaCroix

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Sabine LaCroix is scribed by Teresa Watson.


Know Your Guide

Height. 5’8”

Weight. 130

Hair Color. Black

Facial Hair. n/a

Eyes. Turquoise

Distinguishing Features. None


Parents. Father: Randall “Saber” LaCroix - deceased; mother: Juliette Sabine Fontenot LaCroix - living

Siblings. Remington “Remy” LaCroix - three years younger than Sabine

Grandparents. Fleur Sabine Fontenot


Sabine runs the family business, Le bar des deux routes - The Two Roads Bar on Decatur Street in Jackson Square. But the bar holds many secrets. The basement is filled with cursed objects the LaCroix family has collected over the years. Many of them contained violent and malevolent spirits that could not be exorcised by them.


She lives in the old Fontenot house a couple of doors down from the Two Roads Bar.

Personal Information

General Overview. Sabine was born and raised in New Orleans. As the oldest LaCroix child, she was trained to run the family business. When she turned 18, her father, Randall “Saber” LaCroix, was killed by a vengeful spirit. It fell to Sabine to truly step into her father’s shoes: as the LaCroix bandrui (female druid or witch) responsible for keeping the malevolent spirits that call New Orleans home in line. As a witch, even in a family of witches, it takes practice and study to be a witch.

It’s not an easy job, but it is one that Sabine takes seriously. Sometimes too seriously. Her grandmother has made it clear that marriage and children must become a priority, but Sabine is more concerned with keeping the evil spirits from wreaking even more havoc than they did when they were alive. In New Orleans, the Source provides more power to those who passed before, and long ago, the LaCroix line of witches was put in charge of keeping them in check.

Her brother Remy, resentful of the fact that Sabine inherited the bar instead of him, does his best to undermine her efforts whenever he gets the chance. But when push comes to shove, the LaCroix siblings will fight together when someone they love is in danger.


Likes. Cooperative spirits, quiet nights at the bar, fishing, archery, the shooting range, and a good fight. Also a good whiskey or a fine wine, depending on her mood.

Dislikes. Uncooperative spirits, her brother’s meddlesome ways, her grandmother’s nagging about great-grandchildren.

Flaws And Weaknesses

Act First. Sabine reacts far too quickly than a situation likely calls for, usually when her family is danger.

Work Bitch. She forgets to put the LaCroix family first, unlike her other siblings, putting war first.

Vulnerable. When she astral projects, Sabine is able to be harmed and even killed by the spirits she fights. Each time she does, it is a risk that she’ll never return to her body.

Call to the Dark. Like all witches, she feels the call to “The Darkness” which entails selling her soul and becoming a warlock.

Skills And Abilities

The Sight. Sabine is able to see spirits even when they are invisible to other witches, even able to feel a malevolent spirit from several blocks away, an almost pulsing negativity that she can track to its source.

Astral Projection. Sabine is able to do more than interact with spirits as most, when Sabine astral projects she can actually fight them, making herself a spirit as well. But this can come at a great toll with her.

Spirit Severance. The ability unique to the LaCroix witches, detaching a spirit from the location of their haunting, putting them into an amulet or object to contain their negative energy. However, some ghosts have contained such power that if a mortal were to wear any of these items, they could be possessed.

Anti-Possession. Sabine is unpossessable, no matter the strength of the spirit, her mind and body is all hers, thank you very much.

Come at Me. Sabine is a force to be reckoned with even when corporeal, she is proficient with a bow and arrow, firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. black leather, especially when she is doing surveillance or riding her motorcycle.

Alternate Wear. Normal attire for her would be jeans and t-shirts, and black leather boots or tennis shoes.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

As a bandrui, Sabine can turn anything into a vessel in which to capture a spirit. Her preferred preference is an amulet, but in a pinch, she can use anything, even one of her favorite boots!

Introduction Written by Scribe

Good evening, my friend! Welcome to Le bar des deux routes - The Two Roads Bar. You look like you’ve had a rough day. Have a seat while I fix you a drink.

Here you go...a Brandy Milk Punch. A bit of brandy will cure what ails you...or at least make you forget your troubles for a while.

I can tell from your accent that you’re from New Orleans. Beautiful city, is it not? Like everyone else, I love Mardi Gras. Tourists are always a boost to the economy. But between you and me, it’s the darker side of the city, the things that we don’t tell visitors about. Things that a lot of us deny exist.

Have you ever wondered what happens to spirits when a person dies? Where do they go? I know many people imagine heaven or hell. I’m not disputing either one. I hope that one day, I’ll be reunited with my loved ones. Of course, I suppose that depends on if I’m deemed worthy of that. Frankly, I’ve toed the line between good and bad, but then again, haven’t we all at some point in our lives?

I’m sorry, am I making you uncomfortable with this conversation? Forgive me, dear, that was not my intention. What? You want to know more? Bring your drink and come with me.

Watch your head coming down these stairs. I keep my office down here. I’m sure you’re wondering why. Well, I’m not your ordinary bartender. My regular guy was off tonight, so I was just filling in for him. But down here in the basement...this is my job.

Don’t be alarmed by the bright light you’re seeing on the wall across the room. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s a gateway. I see you’re still confused. My apologies, my new friend. I’m not explaining this very well, am I? Please, have a seat. Let me try again.

There have always been spirits in the Louisiana bayous. Some are souls who have unfinished business. Let’s face it, not everyone is ready to go when it’s their time. Others are more malevolent and resist the urge to cross over. There are spirits who are in limbo after death, unsure where to go or what to do. They see a light, but they’re afraid to go into it. So they stay here. For some, that’s fine. But for those who were evil when they were alive, well...they realize that they can do more harm in death. So they stick around and refuse to leave at all.

That’s where I come in. For generations, my family have been guardians of this gateway. We do our best to help guide these spirits to the other side. Trust me, that’s not as easy as it sounds. There are those that just absolutely revolt against the idea. When they’re angry, no one is safe. Not even me. There are many spirits around here who would like to make sure that I am just as dead as they are. There have been other guardians who have been killed trying to do their job. We all know the risks when it’s our time to take up the mantle. It’s a lifetime position, rather like being a Supreme Court justice. You do it until you die.

However, there are those occasions when things go according to plan, and it’s a pleasant experience for all involved. Do you remember the name of my bar? Le bar des deux routes - The Two Roads. From here, there are two ways to go: up or down. That light is as bright as a shining star, which means your path is very clear.

Go ahead, my friend. Your family is waiting for you.