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General Overviews

Normals are humans who have no supernatural abilities. Most of them are unaware of the magickal presence here on Earth and like to keep it that way. There are a few normals that are sensitive to the supernatural. These normals were born near a ley line, which makes them susceptible to the source. There are different levels of sensitivity, depending on how close one was born to the ley line or Source.

  • Knull. These Normals were born far away from the Source. They don’t see the supernatural or believe it exists.
  • Believers. These Normals were born a little closer to the ley line. They have yet to experience the supernatural but believe it does exist.
  • Sensers. These Normals were born on a ley line. They have experienced paranormal events like ghost activity and things that they can’t explain.
  • Sensitives. These Normals were born in the Source. They have the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural activities but do not have any powers or other special abilities.

Physical Description





Those who were born close to ley lines and the Source heal a bit faster than the knulls.


  • Technology. It can zone out the Source that flows through them.