Krista Moon

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Krista Moon is scribed by Jennifer Morton.

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Know Your Guide

Height. 5’5”

Weight. 130 pounds

Hair Color. Light brown

Facial Hair. N/A

Eyes. Hazel

Distinguishing Features. N/A


Parents. Kassy and Bastien Moon (Deceased)

Siblings. N/A

Spouse. N/A

Children. N/A


Krista is still trying to find where she fits in. She has tried her hand at everything from telling fortunes to waitressing.


Krista lives in a tiny second-floor apartment at 215 Treme St., New Orleans, Louisiana,

Personal Information

General Overview. Krista was born with powers and grew up hearing about “her important heritage,” but her parents told her to enjoy being young and that the stories of their family’s history were for another time. They even went so far as to keep themselves and Krista isolated from the magical community, so much so that she wasn’t even sure what kind of creature she was. As she grew, so did her powers and abilities. She found she had a natural affinity with air and the innate ability to communicate with the dead.

When Krista was in high school, her parents died in a car accident just before she graduated. She inherited their estate and a sizable trust fund, but she never learned anything about where they came from or her heritage. With no other living relatives, any information her parents had for her died with them.

Krista went on to college, and it was while she was there that her magic started to fizzle. Her failing powers left her feeling lost, angry, and lashing out, to the point where she was forced to leave school, She began a nomadic lifestyle taking different odd jobs and searching for answers while looking for a place that felt like home.

Nicknames. Kris

Likes. Pranks, whiskey, sex, feeling powerful, and being in control.

Dislikes. Ghosts that won’t leave her alone, feeling like she doesn’t belong anywhere, not knowing anything about where her family came from, and loss of control.

Flaws And Weaknesses

Mean spirited. Magic is a big part of who Krista is, and she had always had a mean streak, but she lashed out when it started failing her. She calls them pranks, but they are only funny to her.

Reckless. Krista often reacts in anger without thinking; this has gotten her into trouble more than once and has contributed to many of her sudden moves.

Skills And Abilities

Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Fae will live forever unless killed. However, a Fae, no matter what type, can be wounded severely with iron.

Spirit Charmed. Krista has a natural ability to see the departed. Despite the problems with her magic, Krista’s ability to see spirits is stronger than ever.

Air elemental. Of all the elements, Krista has the most substantial connection with air. Her ability to control the air gives her the power to move objects, affect the weather by moving clouds or changing the air pressure over a large area. She can even create or silence sound by controlling the vibrations in the air. Air is all around us, even within us. If she were so inclined, she could pull the air from a person’s lungs.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Dresses, jeans, boho skirts.

Alternate Wear. Leggings, sweats.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons


Introduction Written by Scribe

My name is Krista Moon, and I am not a jinx. Yes, things do have a way of going wrong for the people around me, but they usually deserve it. I like to think of myself as karma’s helper. My magic sparks and fizzles, never reacting how it should. I’ve tried to find help, but it’s hard when you have no idea where to look. It’s not like you can just go on Craig’s List and search for experienced magical practictioners. Trust me. You do not want to see the crazies that post those ads. I know there are more supernaturals out there. I mean, there has to be, right? But, for obvious reasons, they stay hidden, keeping their true natures a secret. I do move around a lot, but ever since my parents’ deaths, I haven’t felt like I belonged anywhere. Truth be told, I never felt very at home in their house either. I’ve always felt as if there was more for me out there, like something huge had been kept from me. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been searching for something, but for what, I was never sure. I hear whispers everywhere I go. Voices carried on the breeze, murmurs in the dark, even the ghosts all bear the same message, to “go home.” The only problem is, I never knew where that was—until now.