Jaxxon Rivette

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Jaxxon “Jax” Rivette is the guardian of Carnal Play and is scribed by Aisling MacKay.

Know Your Guide

Height. 5’3”

Weight. 115 lbs

Hair Color. Blonde

Facial Hair. N/A

Eyes. Blue

Distinguishing Features. N/A


Parents. Elijah and Grace Rivette

Siblings. Wyatt, Logan, Jace, Liam

Spouse. N/A

Children. N/A


Jaxxon is the ‘owner” and operator of Carnal Play.


Jaxxon has a residence within Carnal Play.

Personal Information

General Overview. Jaxxon has a large family and her roots go deep in NOLA. Her family lineage dates back to the first humans in the area. She is a born and bred NOLA girl and spent her childhood growing up wild in Carnal Play and the bayou. She was born into magick, bathed in it since birth. The world of the Source more familiar to her than not. Jaxxon was raised in a loving home where family was at the core. The youngest of 5 and the only girl to four older and very bossy brothers. Her childhood was normal, well as normal as living on top of the Source could be. She went to a private school for the magickal of New Orleans and has deep ties within both the normal and magickal communities. New Orleans is her home and her heart, she is a child of the Source and NOLA holds tightly to her.

Nicknames. Jaxx

Likes. Carnal Play, her family, her friends, the bayou, coffee, beignets, her mom’s shrimp and grits, dancing, men

Dislikes. Bullies, anything that threatens NOLA, the Source, or her family

Flaws And Weaknesses

Jaxxon is human, her flaws are varied and common.

Temper. She is slow to anger, but once angry she can be wrathful and has little mercy.

Curiosity. Just like the cat, it can get her into serious trouble.

Skills And Abilities

Carnal Play. Within the grounds of Carnal Play, Jaxxon is very powerful and there are few limits to what she can do. She can bend physics and manipulate the structure of the building. She can hear what is said and who is saying it if she wishes. However, outside of it, she has little power. Walking around the streets of New Orleans, she has few magickal abilities and most of those are more of an overdeveloped sense of intuition.

Recognition. She can see the magickal denizens of the city, recognizing their breed and magick easily.

Spidey-Sense. She can feel when danger is near, although she has no way of telling from what direction.

Truth-Sense. She can tell when someone is telling the truth.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Whatever strikes her fancy. Usually jeans, skirt, blouse, t-shirt. Prefers to be barefoot whenever possible.

Alternate Wear. While working she is often in a cocktail dress or gown, heels, or boots. Depends on the night and her mood.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons


Introduction Written by Scribe

Welcome to New Orleans. I see you have found your way here, whether as a guest or because she called you home, we are happy you made it.

I am Jaxxon Rivette, known to most as Jaxx. To the normal world, I am the owner and operator of Carnal Play, to those familiar with the Source I am the Guardian. The responsibility has been a part of my family’s history since the beginning of our line. Handed down from generation to generation, the individual chosen by the Source through its own discretion. I am tasked with guarding the wellspring of power that feeds the magick in the world. All are welcome within Carnal Play, but remember to mind your manners and follow the rules.