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General Overview

Gargoyles owe their origins to humans, as much as they resist the idea. They began as a human construct dating back to ancient Egypt. They were symbols of protection and intimidation, embodiments of safety, and bastions of security against evil.

The power of human belief is a funny thing. Combined with just a touch of magic and what was once just a myth can become reality. In the case of the gargoyles, all it took was a particularly strong wave of magick, and stone became flesh.

Physical Description

In their human forms, they are as unique in appearance as normal humans, although they do tend to be on the taller side. The males on average 6’4” and the females 6’. They are heavier than expected.

In gargoyle form, again they are unique in appearance. The only real consistency is their wings are batlike, their incisors elongate, and they grow talons on hands and feet.


Gargoyles do not have organized clans or packs, although they do tend to work together and form close relationships with others of their kind.

Magic Abilities and Powers

Stone Skin. While in the human form, their skin and the tissue beneath are much tougher than those of a normal human. While in their gargoyle form, that increases and knife strikes will not penetrate and it will even slow down bullets.

Sonar. Great trackers, they are able to use a type of sonar to locate items and beings.

Aura of Aversion. Gargoyles give off a low level field that protects them from harm. It exists regardless of the gargoyle’s intent, keeping those of the opposite moral alignment at bay.



  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Enhanced Five Senses
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Flight (in gargoyle form)


  • Swimming. They are too heavy to swim well, even in human form. If they are not able to change, running into water is a good way to get them off of your trail.
  • Hearing. Their hearing is super sensitive, even to sounds outside of human range. It can be used to debilitate them.
  • Location. They are tied to one location, one building. They have to have an anchor spot. They can relocate, but if without a base roost for longer than a few days, they will begin to lose their humanity and slowly revert to true stone.
  • Hyperfocus. Once they accept a job or a task as their own, they are single-minded and will struggle to shift alliances. Those that are set to protect will become overprotective. Those that are set to intimidate or cause harm will go to great lengths to ensure they succeed. This focus can become a fault as they are unable to just walk away.