Dragon Shifters

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General Overview

Many thousands of years ago, a group of mortals stumbled across a cave. At the back and nearly buried in dirt, they found dragon scales that were rumored to heal any sickness and grant strange powers. They brought the rare scales home, preparing them in a stew for a few of the adults and children who had taken ill. It took a few days before the mortals recovered, but it came with some strange side effects. They started gaining weird abilities, and some of them grew scales. It didn’t take long before each mortal who consumed the stew acquired their dragon.

There are four different dragons that a dragon shifter could be: fire, earth, air, and water. Over the years, the four different elemental shifters separated. The clans had their differences, either helping one another or starting wars. A thousand years ago, mortals fearing the wild and untamed nature of the beasts created groups of Dragon Hunters. They took it upon themselves to eliminate the entire dragon race. They have nearly succeeded, but there are a few left.

In history, the two clans, Draco de Ignis and Draco de Aqua, were always at war and fighting with one another. The Draco de Terra were neutral during these times, while the Draco de Caeli hid away in the mountains.

Physical Description

Dragon shifters have two different forms. They have their human form and their dragon form. Each dragon shifter has a dragon tattoo on their body resembling their dragon, which glows either red, blue, green, or white when they shift.

  • Fire Shifter. Their scales are either black, grey, or red and are warm to the touch. Eyes tend to be blue, brown, or black in their dragon form.
  • Earth Shifter. These dragons tend to blend in with the natural world around them. Not all of these dragons have wings. The ones that do have thin, flimsy wings that look like they would easily break. Their eyes are variations of greens and browns.
  • Air Shifter. Their scales tend to be a mix of white, blue, and purple. Their eyes are crystal blue or grey. In human form, their hair is white.
  • Water Shifter. These dragons have webbed hands and feet. Their scales are different colors of blue, which help them blend into the water. They have gills on the side of their neck so they are able to breathe under the water.


Draco de Ignis

These dragons all lived under one reign. Their people lived in a hierarchy system, and there was a King of the Draco de Ignis. He was killed a long time ago, leaving behind a son who could take over as king if he chooses.

Draco de Terra

There were five different groups for the Draco de Terra. Each one lived in different areas like forest, rocks, mountain, plants, and flowers. These dragons tended to take the form of what they lived close to. For example, a Draco de Terra that lived in the forest would look more like a tree than a flower. The five groups got along with each other and would always help one another when needed. Before the Dragon Hunters nearly caused their extinction, there was a counsel among the five groups which would gather every few months to talk about issues and rules within their groups.

Draco de Caeli

There was only one group of the Draco de Caeli and there were only a few of them. They lived on the mountain range in the Himalayas. They were a quiet group and not much of them is known.

Draco de Aqua

The Draco de Aqua were the most diplomatic of the Dragon Shifters. There were five different groups, pond, ocean, lakes, river, swamps which would have one leader that was voted in by their people. These leaders would get together to vote on new laws and ensure that their groups were working well together.

Clans and Packs

There are no clans or packs within the Dragon Shifters anymore. They travel in groups of one to three to avoid being found by the Dragon Hunters.


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Dracaenae will live forever unless killed. However, they are particularly vulnerable in their dragon state to attacks by other dragons. The only thing that can pierce their scaled hide is another dragon’s teeth or claws. Long ago, the dragon hunters discovered this flaw and armed themselves accordingly, hunting them to near extinction.

Dragon Form. Every Dragon shifter has a dragon spirit that gives them their powers and dragon form. Their dragon reaches out to them once to give advice, but most of the time they are dormant. If a dragon shifter loses their tattoo, they will lose their ability to speak to their dragon. There are two different sizes their dragon forms can assume. The smaller version is the size of a horse while the larger size can be the size of a whale. Using the larger form takes a lot of power, and they run the risk of not being able to turn back. Dragon Shifters have a cloaking ability, so mortals who aren’t trained to see the supernatural can’t detect them.

Dragon Scale. When in human form, a dragon shifter can summon its scales quickly to act as an impenetrable shield. The only thing that can break the scales is a special copper sword.

Mates. Dragon Shifters all have a “mate” that is decided by fate when they are born. Their mate is immune to their elemental magic.

Elemental Magic. Each Dragon shifter has one of the elemental abilities. They can use this power in both forms, but it is more powerful in dragon form. When they use their elemental magic in human form they will need at least twenty-four hours to recharge.

  1. Fire: Draco de Ignis
  2. Earth: Draco de Terra
  3. Air: Draco de Caeli
  4. Water: Draco de Aqua

Limited Levitation.



  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Extended Lives
  • More powerful in the heat - Specific to Draco de Ignis.
  • Stronger in their Elements


  • Cold - Except Draco de Caeli and Draco de Aqua
  • Decapitation
  • Onions/Garlic - When exposed, they react as if they are allergic. Will weaken their abilities for a period of time. They can have it in small quantities.
  • Copper

Dragon Hunters

These are a group of mortals who banded together to kill the Dragon Shifters. They formed in 1547 BCE and made a vow to kill all Dragons. They believe that superior beings like dragon shifters should not exist. They created special swords made of copper, which they used to kill most of the dragons, but the weapons have since been lost. There are still a few dragon hunters left, their mission is still to eliminate all dragon shifters.