Dr. John Lafayette

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Dr. John Lafayette is scribed by Marc Tizura.


Know Your Guide

Height. 6’2

Weight. 185

Hair Color. Brown Straight

Facial Hair. Mustache

Eyes. Brown but turns black once he makes a deal for a soul

Distinguishing Features. Scar around his neck from a noose


Parents. Robert and Marie Lafayette

Siblings. Paul, Roger, and Dianna

Spouse. Bridget Lafayette

Children. Christine Lafayette


In life medical surgeon and general practice doctor, later a necromancer and sorcer than upon his death turned into a Crossroads Demon


The Crossroads or Hell

Personal Information

General Overview. Born in New Orleans at the end of the 19th century. Later became one of the most prominent physicians in the city seeing the Mayor and Governor as patients. He would marry his childhood sweetheart Bridget and they would have a daughter Christine. After their deaths John turned to drinking, dark magic and necromancy in an attempt to bring them back. Which resulted in unnatural experiments ie Frankenstien’s monsters. His life would end at the end of a rope, he was caught while trying to flee the city. Upon his death he went to Hell and was transformed into a Crossroads Demon.

Nicknames. Doc John, Ol’ Doc, The Doctor man, Johnny (by Cassie)

Likes. Making deals, Collecting on deals, breakfast, coffee, a good cigar

Dislikes. Vampires, Holy and religious items, Angels

Flaws and Weaknesses

Without Form. Crossroad Demons remain in a formless void like state and only take form when making a deal or collecting on a contract. During this void they can watch the world move around them and know they can no longer participate in it.

Temper. John is known to have a fiery temper and holds grudges against all those he feels have wronged him. He delights in sending his hellhounds and souls out to torment those who have gained the attention of his ire.

Holy and Religious Items. Any and all religious items and artifacts can hurt and maim him. An exorcism can send him back to Hell temporarily but he will always be sent back to the Crossroads.

Skills And Abilities

Immortality. John is dead and technically can’t die again but he can be banished back to Hell

Infernal Powers. John is a low level demon and therefore has a small host of demonic powers at his disposal while collecting the contract or making a deal. Such as reality warping to make the deals a reality and vocal mimicry which he enjoys using to torment the souls he comes to collect. (see list on Crossroad Demon)

Totem Work. This is a common ability for Crossroad demons to summon to souls they collected and used as messengers as they are more like transparent images. John for unknown reasons can summon his and they can for a while hold physical therefore can do more than the common summoned soul. John often uses them to attack the souls he is out to collect.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Bowler hat, black frock coat, black edwardian style suit, black dress shoes, gold pocket watch, leather gloves

Alternate Wear. Gray edwardian style suit

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Deck of Souls. John’s totem is a tarot deck which is blank with a bloody thumb print on it and once he has collected the soul an imprint of that person is placed on the card with a title. Usually the image of the imprinted souls are horrific and tormented. However if the soul is lucky enough to beat the contract the card lights on fire and falls to ashes.

Hellhounds. Most Crossroad Demons have packs of five or ten hellhounds at their command. John only has two as he has slaughtered, bathed and drank the blood of the rest.

Invisible Chains. All Crossroad Demons wear invisible chains that hold them bound to their corners, they are loosened when going to collect a contract but the Crossroad Demon can feel the cuffs around their wrist and ankles and with every step they can hear the chains rattle in their ears. Win or lose the contract they are violently pulled back to the crossroad to wait for the next deal.

Introduction Written by Scribe

Bonjour and allow me to introduce myself, my name is Doctor John Lafayette but you can call me Doc John if you like we gonna be good friends, sure. I deal in your most intimate wants and desires. Come on down to crossroads at midnight and tell the good doctor what ails you? I got a prescription for yah, sure enough. It don’t cost you much to bury that box and strike a candle to call me forth. Then I can make all your dreams come true like one of them fairy godmother things only a little edgier, darker.

There is however a year limit and a price for me granting you this favor. But don’t you worry none what is five to ten years and a soul between good friends such as you and I. It nothing, nothing at all, really. So come on now put it there and shake hands with the man who shook the world.