Crossroads Demon

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General Overview

Crossroad demons are men and women who have died and have gone to Hell for whatever reason. As punishment, they are transformed into Azazels, demons without form also known as spirits of the wild. They do not belong to one particular house but serve all the houses of Hell. They are then bound by invisible chains to a crossroads. They wait to be summoned by individuals willing to bargain away their souls to fulfill their wants and desires.

The contract lasts anywhere from five to ten years.

During the negotiation and collection of a contract, they are allowed to take form, usually how they looked when they were alive. During the in-between times, they are sent to a void to await another deal. The best times to summon them are right after midnight, 3 AM (the true witching hour), and right before dawn.

Each Crossroads Demon has a specific totem they use to seal the contract with the blood of their customers, usually by cutting and placing their bloody thumb onto the totem sealing the deal.

The Crossroad Demons neither like nor hate their duties, they are simply compelled to do them.


To summon a Crossroads Demon, one must follow a specific ritual. You must collect the following items: graveyard dirt, the backbone of a black cat, the feather of a crow, and a lock of your hair soaked in your blood. Place these items in a box under the moonlight for three days. Then take the box and a candle, bury the box in the center of the crossroad, and light the candle. The Crossroads Demon is sure to appear.

Contract Collection

Once the Crossroads Demon is free to collect the contract, the condemned soul has twenty-four hours to escape the contract or their soul is taken to Hell, most commonly dragged off by hellhounds. In an attempt to escape the contract, the use of Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Holy items has been employed with a very limited success rate. After the contract is completed, they are dragged by their chains back to the Crossroads.

Summoning the Hounds

Hellhounds are specifically used by Crossroad Demons. The massive black dogs with red glowing eyes are invisible to everyone except those they pursue. They travel in packs of five or ten each one is branded to the particular Crossroad Demon and will only obey the one they are bound to. They are usually sent out to find, stalk, terrify, and eventually capture the soul in question. The Crossroads Demon often just oversees this, however, some do choose a hands-on approach.

Totem Work

Crossroad Demons have the ability to use their totems to summon the souls of their victims of previous deals up from Hell to act as messengers and perform other tasks for them.


Quasi Immortal. Crossroads Demons are the souls of those condemned to hell, outside of their crossroads, they exist as an incorporeal and since they’re already dead, can’t be killed, even by beheadings.

Crossroad demons are seen as low-level demons and their power base is limited, but they do have two specific powers only found amongst their kind.

  • Summoning the Hounds
  • Totem work
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility or Cloaking
  • Multilingual
  • Telepathy (limited)
  • Reality Warping
  • Supernatural Perception
  • Lie detection
  • Temporal Awareness - The ability to sense if time has been altered by any means, magical or otherwise
  • Soul Reading
  • Vocal Mimicry


  • Holy and religious items
  • Exorcism