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Caspian Incendium is scribed by Alice Callisto.


Know Your Guide

Height. 6’2

Weight. 180 lbs

Hair Color. Dark brown, almost black

Facial Hair. Clean shaven

Eyes. Blue

Distinguishing Features. There is a dragon tattoo on his right arm that glows red just before he shifts into a dragon.


Parents. Cassian (Father - Deceased), Karliah (Mother - Deceased)

Siblings. Sofia (Sister - Alive), Caleb (Brother - Unknown)

Spouse. N/A

Children. N/A


Caspian works at the Moonlight Diner on 1122 Decatur Street. He got the job as soon as he moved to NOLA.


Caspian lives on 737 Dunmaine street in unit 737 with his sister, Sofia

Personal Information

General Overview. Caspian is a five hundred year old dragon shifter. He is one of the last of his kind and is always on the run. Before the Dragon Hunters started to decimate his people, Caspian was set to become the King of the Draco de Ignis. His father, Cassian, was a ruthless ruler who trained his son hard, often making Caspian feel poorly for his decisions.

On his eighteen birthday, his father ordered him to kill one of the daughters from the Draco de Aqua clan. Caspian refused and ran off with the baby as the troops destroyed their village. A few years later, Caspian heard about the attack from the newly found Dragon Hunters. It is assumed that his father, mother, and brother did not survive. To this day, Caspian regrets not being there for his mother and brother on that fateful day.

Since then, Caspian has been on the run with his sister Sofia. They have travelled from country to country, hiding from their enemies as they try to find a safe place for them to live. Caspian is also on the search for the source as they need to recharge their power since leaving the Dragon Kingdoms all those years ago.

Nicknames. Cas, Cassie, Iguana, Lagartija

Likes. Hot drinks, Campfires, Video Games, Flying.

Dislikes. Cold weather, Swimming, Tyrants, Losing Control.

Flaws and Weaknesses

A Dragon’s Hoard. All stereotypes are based on truth, though a bit more modernly interpreted. Dragons will protect what is theres, whether it be a mountain of gold, a pile of rare scrolls or their mate. Never come between if a dragon and its mate.

Sarcastic Quip. Caspian’s acerbic sense of humor gets him into hot water when he should be laying low, unable to stop himself from inserting a sarcastic comment when he should rather be silent. This is especially true when it comes to the werewolf, Roman St. Augustine.

A Mindless Beast. A dragon shifter is possessed with the soul of the beast inside him, and each shifter knows that to transform fully into their massive form, they risk the chance of never going back. Ever. Unlike other shifters, their beast is a separate entity, with its own thoughts and desires, the only thing through our history that has ever worked to sooth both the shifter and the beast, is their fated mate.

Protective Brother. Caspian will do absolutely anything for Sofia. But his constant need to move towns and cities, even countries at a drop of a hat, has made their relationship strained. The more freedom Sofia wishes for, the more overprotective Caspian becomes.

Skills And Abilities

Immortality. is technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Dragon Form. Each dragon shifter has a dragon form and with the dragon form there is a dragon spirit who grants it to them. Caspian is a fire dragon shifter. His dragon, Eldrun, is one of the older dragon spirits. He occasionally comes to Caspian in dreams or in his thoughts when Caspian needs advice.

Dragon Flame. Caspian is a Draco de Ignis which means he can wield the element fire.

Dragon Scales. These act as an extra shield in human form. It can be called upon to shield the skin from getting injured.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Black or blue jeans with a black shirt. Plain and Simple.

Alternate Wear. N/A

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Twin Blades. Caspian has been trying to preserve as much source as he can before he recharges. He uses the twin blades as his weapons when needing to get out of a pickle.

Introduction Written by Scribe

Something is calling for me. It has been for months but I don’t know what. It calls for me during my dreams. The same scene each time. It's a girl calling me home. It’s strange though. I haven’t had a home since I ran away five hundred years ago. So, where is this girl calling me to?

I have tried to explore the dream further, trying to find more clues to where she is calling me to but it has been pointless. So, I have been focusing on finding the next spot for my sister, Sofia, and I to hide. We are some of the last of our kind and there are many people who want us dead.

It’s been difficult and our power is draining. If we don’t find a Source soon, who knows what could happen...