Billy "Goat" Cox

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Billy "Goat" Cox is scribed by DeRicki Johnson.

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Know Your Guide

Height: 5'11

Weight: 186 lbs

Hair Color: Coppery brown, his hair is a spiky crown of naps on the top, and short on the sides.

Facial Hair: Tightly cropped beard around the jaw.

Eyes: His eyes betray a fierce intelligence and independence, two things that make him unpopular among his mistresses’ clan.

Distinguishing Features: Tattoos would interfere with the various body markings he employs for his rituals.

Personal Information

General Overview: Billy finds it ironic that he has had the dubious distinction of being a “bastard” child twice in his life; once as a mortal, then again as a vampire—“turned” by an ardent vampire lass without her vampire master’s blessing. This puts Billy in a tenuous position; an outcast to the New Orleans vampire community, and most likely at the top of his mistress’s master’s “hit list.”

His desire to fix this untenable situation leads him to the practice of voodoo, which he hopes will lead him to a way to break his vampire curse… without killing his mistress. The latter solution being the only way he currently knows to break his curse. He’s aided by his mistress’s Grand-Mère, a voodoo priestess of considerable power. The priestess has a vested interest in helping Billy. She wants to free her granddaughter from the curse as well, her dark alliance with Billy being anathema to the priestess’s religion.

After years of trying in vain to break his curse, Billy leaves New Orleans in hopes of escaping his untenable situation. But, eventually he is called back to the Crescent City by a voice more powerful than the voice of any of the loa with which he has communed. He knows it simply as “The Source.” And The Source cannot be resisted.

When he arrives in the Crescent, Billy opens a coffee shop called “Hallowed Grounds.” It’s a trendy spot for would-be denizens and practitioners of magic. Because of that, it’s wildly popular with mortals. The shop’s real business is trafficking in special coffee grounds used for magic and voodoo ceremonies. You have to be legit supernatural to know about that aspect of Hallowed Grounds, though.

Nicknames: None.

Likes: None.

Dislikes: None.

Flaws / Weaknesses

Heart Torm. He would deny it, but his love for his mistress keeps him from freeing himself from his vampire curse by simply killing her. And though he tries to avoid the vampire world, her drama becomes his drama, because of his attachment to her.

Stink. And even with his “vaccination” his vampiric undead stench is offensive to many of the loa, leading to unexpected outcomes when he calls on them.

Skills / Abilities

Quasi Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Mother Tongue:. As the bridge between the mortal world and the divine, they speak all languages mortals do, even the long dead ones.

Vampire. Billy can call on traditional powers of a vampire—speed, strength, quick healing, glamor and near-immortality. But, aided by his mistress’s Grand-Mère, Billy employs a spell of vaccination against a vampire’s normal problems with symbols and rituals of Abrahamic religions; leaving him free to practice the voodoo arts, casting spells and communing with the loa.

Voodun. His voodoo powers allow him to be a “day-walker” vampire, while his vampire abilities make him a voodoo priest of near unmatched power. His relative inexperience in voodoo is the only thing keeping him from being unstoppable among practitioners of the art.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: His usual dress are jeans and black t-shirts, with shoes that combine high-end leather uppers with high-tech tennis shoe soles

Alternative Dress Wear: He can clean up in James Bond style when the need arouses; but few ever see him in his ritual dress, when he peels off his tee, kicks off his shoes and dons a battered top hat of dubious origin. His ritual look is topped off by symbols painted on his torso and face.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons