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Ash Kang is scribed by Dan Dolan.


Know Your Guide

Height. 5'10"

Weight. 145 lbs

Hair Color. Black, wavy, shoulder length

Facial Hair. Some scruff usually, occasionally a full goatee, NEVER a full beard

Eyes. Dark Brown

Distinguishing Features. Burn scars on his back (upper right) and the back of his right leg.


Parents. Raffaello Khanani and Linda Doucette-Khanani (both deceased)

Siblings. None

Spouse. Single

Children. None


Criminal enforcer/warlock for hire.


"Big Easy Sleeps" Motel.

Personal Information

General Overview. Ash led a pretty normal childhood up until the age of five. His father had died and, having no formal education, his mother was taking them across the country to live with her family when the plane crashed, Ash being the only one salvaged from the burning wreckage. His mother's family did indeed take him in, his uncle specifically, but since his father had already been a sore subject for them and was now (indirectly) responsible for her death he was despised even more so and by was Ash. His uncle hated him but at the very same time he was determined to honor his sister's last wish by taking care of Ash. So even as he abused Ash at every opportunity he also refused to let him leave his side.

So when his uncle "heard" a call to come to New Orleans Ash, despite being of age, was forced to come too. It was only once there Ash heard a voice but it wasn't New Orleans talking to was a demon. A force of darkness whispering to him from the shadows telling him there was a way out: to become a warlock.

Nicknames. Not a nickname but his birth/legal name is Aayush Khanani, nicknames include: Fireball, Sparky and "that warlock bastard".

Likes. Fire, destruction, power, money, freedom, no inhibitions

Dislikes. Feeling confined, feeling helpless, being reminded of his past.

Flaws and Weaknesses

Get Thee Inside Me. Like all warlocks his power is based on communion with a demonic force. He needs to make compact with this force at regular intervals to maintain his power. To feed it whatever it asked for in the initial bargain. In Ash's case it is the pain, destruction and death he sows as an enforcer.

Death From Within. It will take a long time but all Warlocks eventually start degrading from the inside, suffering the damage of the magic they use and eventually their bodies beginning to wear thin. They must either then make further deals with demonic forces, sacrificing more of themselves or die horrible deaths.

It Only Hurts When I Remember. Ash suffers from not only PTSD from the airplane crash but on top of that is an abuse survivor, his uncle having been verbally, physically and psychologically abusive to him from the age of five. He hides his pain under a seemingly bottomless well of anger and denial but at heart he is still a severely damaged individual.

Wasted On The Young. Ash may talk tough and may have a lot of firepower but he is still a young man, barely legally an adult. He is impulsive, he makes his way in the world by the skin of his teeth and is far more naive than he lets on.

Skills And Abilities

Functional Immortality. is technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections, so long as he maintains a compact with his demon benefactor.

Warlock Magic. As a warlock, Ash is given access to the source by his demonic benefactor without needing the framework of witchcraft BUT without this skillset his abilities while powerful are rudimentary, most warlock spells can be summed up in a one word; 'push', 'stop', 'blast', 'find', etc. It's based on wants and needs and not any kind of creativity.

Light ‘em Up.Most Warlocks develop a 'specialty' and Ash is no different, ever since his traumatizing childhood incident (and not helped by his unhealthy upbringing thereafter) he has developed a minor case of pyromania. Continuing this trend with his newfound powers, fire based magic has become second nature to Ash and he is able to perform his most impressive feats in that area.

Hard as Nails. Like all warlocks his deal comes with a certain amount of enhanced strength and durability. This is not true invulnerability but is pretty close and his strength is roughly that of a non-alpha were or a younger vampire. Also because of Ash's fire based speciality he is especially immune to heat damage and smoke inhalation.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Usually goes in for a bohemian grunge aesthetic. Beads, necklaces, loose fitting shirts, vests, ripped jeans, rings and bracelets, etc. Leather, old fashioned hats and other out of style accoutrements are also not uncommon.

Alternate Wear. N/A

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Not-Tommy Tummyache. Ash's demon came to him in the form of a disfigured "Tommy Tommyache" doll, the doll had been used for years as the baby Jesus in a local church's annual nativity before being "desecrated" after the congregation was dissolved and the building abandoned. This object was something secular that had been idolized and then made blasphemous; it served as a perfect host to the demonic force and Ash keeps it near him always in order to commune with his demon when need be.

Introduction Written by Scribe

I never got a "call", was never one wanted me in fact. The one person who did? Died, wrapped around me and her charred corpse being pulled away as the first responders dug me out of the burning wreckage is the last memory I have before my life backslid into shadow.

My uncle used to say that our family was full of the "chosen" (though he would take care to remind me that I was the exception), a long line of mystics and shamans and crap like that.

A line broken when my mother married "that foreign bastard" as my uncle called him.

My uncle was chosen however, my uncle got a call…a call that brought us here to New Orleans. It was only once inside the city that I heard a voice too, not the silky female siren song he described between verbal smackdowns and physical ones, a different voice: darker and deeper, seemingly crawling its way from out of the back of my mind.