Addison Vos

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Addison Vos is scribed by Peter Farmer.


Know Your Guide

Height. 6’ 1”

Weight. 218 lbs

Hair Color. Black

Facial Hair.Scruff to semi-full beard at times

Eyes. Black

Distinguishing Features. Some tattoos of arcane lore


Parents. Jonathan and Marie Vos

Siblings. Miranda Vos

Spouse. n/a

Children. n/a


Private Investigator/Paranormal Investigator


Family house in Essex, England

Tiny Apt in Tulsa, OK

RV van for everywhere else

Personal Information

General Overview. Addison was born and raised in England, a family member of high society, but with a secret. The secret, passed on from father to son, is that things that go bump in the night are real. Rare, but real.

Armed with that knowledge, the first-born of each generation was trained as a hunter of the paranormal. Up until Addison’s father, Jonathan. Jonathan never took to the teachings, and never heeded the warnings of his father Jonah, who realized that the paranormal’s hold on earth was actually getting stronger.

In the end, Jonah decided to train his grandson, Addison in secret. The result was a great rift between the three generations of the Vos family. Addison took the side of his grandfather, and in a fit of anger, Jonathan told him to leave the house. Jonah helped Addison make his way to the US where he opened a small PI firm that secretly specializes in the paranormal.


Likes. Addison is a foodie and will spend most of his money on exotic dishes and ingredients. He likes to unwind in the kitchen or at a table of a fine restaurant. Even though eloquent, he tries hard to sound more street

Dislikes. Addison dislikes the rich, snooty, stuck up community that use status as currency. Having been raised in such a setting, he loathes it.

Flaws And Weaknesses

One-Track Mind. When Addison is on a case, he’s like a dog with a bone. There is very little outside the bubble of the “case”. That can sometimes backfire, especially in his social life.

No pain, no gain. When something seems too easy, Addison grows skeptical. Years of training taught him that nothing comes easy.

Mortal. Despite his experience with the supernatural, Addison is still subject to the whims of his mortality, he ages and can fall sick

Skills And Abilities

Martial Arts. Addison is learned in a mix of different martial arts, including Aikido, Hapkido and Krav Maga. Used mainly for self-defense, unusual weapon training, and body control, the training has been mostly used to make a quick buck in underground fighting matches.

Magick Lore. As a paranormal hunter, Addison has a very good grasp of rudimentary magick. He’s been exposed to different studies of the occult, symbology, magical components, talismans etc. Unfortunately, the material is incomplete and has even been unfactual a few times.

Iron Will. Through training and meditation, Addison has built a very good wall of defense against mental attacks and manipulation. Although not by any means invulnerable, most mental tricks will not work, or have their time shortened considerably.

Collab. Although Addison is one of a handful of hunters, they are all spread out around the world, each one using their own methods and following their own agenda. That being said, other hunters are a good source of information, and in very extreme cases, backup.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear. Jeans, hoodies and baggy clothing. Anything that will help him be inconspicuous in a crowd and keep a few choice weapons hidden.

Alternate Wear. Let’s just say that Addison cleans up well if he wants/needs to

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

None for now

Introduction Written by Scribe

I know you want to know the truth. This might sting your conscience a bit, but Jack Nicholson’s lines do ring true a lot more than you can imagine. You can’t handle the truth.

Not many people can. And that’s aces by me, love. That’s what gives me the strength to keep doing what I do. Keep my hands dirty while trying to keep the illusion. But here is the truth, nonetheless.

Some things, some rare things, really do go bump in the night. Some things that you’ve seen in movies and read in books that are unbelievable to you? They are real. And I am one of a handful of people that try to stave off their growing power. I am one of a few blessed and also cursed with that knowledge.

And now you are too. Smashing, ain’t it?