Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior April 13, 2021

Routines and Daydreams

The bloodlust coursed through me as I charged towards the building where the sniper was perched, not caring if I had coverage or not. My entire platoon had just been picked off by that bastard. One. By. One. He needed to be snuffed out for good. I neared the top floor on rickety stairs, my rage reaching berserker level when I saw him sitting there, perched on the windowsill. He was as comfortable as could be in the chaos.

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Viking Warrior March 29, 2021

Flashbacks and New Beginnings

Control Cade. Control. You can’t start a new venture with your staff trembling. Respect is not fear, Cade. I rolled my shoulders and took another deep breath before entering the dojo. The amassed staff instantly hushed, standing at attention in military fashion. “Good morning all.” My deep voice rolled through the room like thunder.

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