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General Overview

After mankind became plentiful upon the earth, the Archangel Raziel fell in love with a daughter of man. He was so in love that he convinced his legion to abandon their posts and take the daughters of men as their wives. This gave birth to the first of the Nephilim.

Mankind went to war with the first race of Nephilim and their angelic parents. The Archangels saw the Nephilim as abominations and came down to aid men in their war effort.

The Nephilim were nearly all wiped out, as were the angels that sired them. Raziel was captured, brought back to the heavenly realms to stand trial. He was imprisoned in a stone that was placed directly next to what the humans called the source.

The view on Nephilim has changed in the eons since their first inception. Enough so that even archangels have had children with mortals, but those are the rarest of the new age Nephilim. It is believed that psychics and oracles have a Nephilim somewhere in their family’s bloodline.

All Nephilim were considered giants at the time. As adults, they would be anywhere from six to seven feet in height and possessed angelic abilities. They have supernatural strength, stamina, agility, and heightened senses. Their other powers come from their Angel parentage and can manifest in late teens to early adulthood, or possibly not at all. Whatever angelic powers they inherit will be at a limited or diminished capacity compared to that of their heavenly parent.

The Nephilim revere the Archangel Raziel, offering him prayers and offerings. They have built a gathering hall/church so they can have a sense of community and a safe place for those Nephilim who have come from far away, are runaways, or were abandoned for what they are.

Most Nephilim can sense each other, their angelic parent, and which class they came from. When a Nephilim comes into their own and first manifests their powers, they are sought out by an older Nephilim of the same familial class and taken under their mentorship.


The Nephilim hold closely to the hidden gospel of Mathias. It speaks to the belief that someday an Incubus will rise as an antichrist-like figure, and a Nephilim will rise as his power counterpart to oppose him. They will plunge the world into war, and in the end, the Nephilim will stand victorious, banishing the incubus back into darkness and closing the pit of Hell forever.

They believe that someday the archangels will return to earth and free their brother Raziel from his prison, forgiving him so he may retake his place amongst the cosmic beings. He would stand as judge of every man, woman, creature, demon, and angel at the end times.

Nephilim have taken it upon themselves to help keep a balance and will hunt down other paranormal creatures and beings who have crossed the line. It is rare, but sometimes they will hunt humans if they deem it necessary.

Upon their death, the divine grace a Nephilim carries with them will make a new angel.


Each Nephilim belongs to a class that depends on their parentage. They have a Nephilim elected to the head of their classes that they report or answer too. Each head has their predecessor act as an advisor.

A son of one of the archangels oversees the heads of the classes, giving them someone to report to and handle situations that may need a bit more power. They run bi-monthly council meetings that are open to all Nephilim.

Rachel. Head of the Guardian Class

Maxine. Former head of the Guardian Class, and adviser to Rachel

Juan. Head of the Cherubim Class

Robert. Former head on the Cherubim Class, and adviser to Juan

Dante. Head of the Seraphim Class

Serafina. Former head of the Seraphim class, and adviser to Dante

Jacob. Son of Cael, Head of the Nephilim

Samual. Son of Javan, former head of the Nephilim, and adviser/mentor to Jacob


Quasi Immortal. Technically immortal, immune to the effects of illness and aging, Nephilim will live forever unless killed. However, like most denizens, they can be killed if their head is completely detached.

The Nephilim share the same cosmic power base as their parents. But due to their human nature, only three or four of these gifts manifest themselves and always at limited or diminished capacity.